Farmers Markets: Your Connection to the Best Local Food and Drink

The UK is seeing a resurgence of farmers markets and people are turning to locally grown and produced food in the search for quality, taste, variety and trust!

We're not just talking about middle-class folk, across the board, people are flocking to their local speciality market in search of Organic, local, raw, natural, unprocessed and overall tasty food and drink options, that are traditionally unavailable in their local superstore.

The public is investing money in eating clean and like the offering of being able to talk up a storm to their local food and drink producers.

I personally LOVE going to market to sell my home-brewed Kombucha. I get a chance as a new growing brand to talk directly to my customer about my product, why I love it, how I make it, and how great Kombucha is for you. For this reason, we as producers need to be tip top with our products, we can’t hide behind the corporate glam of big branding, we bare our souls, weekly at public food events, if someone doesn’t enjoy your offering, they’ll come back and let you know.

Last week was my first outing at a big London speciality food and drink market and we made sure we brewed the finest batch of booch our team can muster. I was nervous, I'm not going to lie, especially when you look at the other attendees at the Real Food Festival’s, Kings Cross, Canopy Market. Some of the products you can find on the shelves in Harrods. It was easy to get culinary star struck.

My roundup of some of our favourite stalls below. (warning, we are all about the health, but there are some seriously delicious cakes and baked goods in our roundup (it was bank holiday, we broke some rules ;)

Giselle Richardson


Canopy Market Kings Cross


Macaroons of flavour combinations you could only dream of, these traditionally French delicate cakes have been given the five-star British inspired treatment.

Giselle, originally from an art theory background spends hours researching and testing new ideas to develop flavours from each season’s produce.

She has designed bespoke macarons for big brand events from BMW to Clinique.


Bread and Cakes Galore

If your dream was to be a baker, you should tap up one of the courses at Bread Ahead, the baby of baking experts Mathew Jones and former head baker at St John Bakery Justin Gellatly. They want to bring quality British baking to the masses. It's Their birthday this week and they’ve launched a new cookbook too, if you want to get down with some seriously tasty bread, cakes, pies and pastries. Our mouth was watering every time we checked out the stacked cream filled doughnuts on offer.

World Of Zing

Masters in Contemporary Food and Drinks

World of Zing in their own words is the UK’s first ‘Contemporary Food & Drink Emporium’. This band of chefs, street foodies and mixologists are given a platform to retail their adventurous food creations, sauces, herbs, super hot sauces and condiments to the masses.

We had our eye on the craft cocktail selection perfect for weekend BBQ and garden parties. How attractive do these bottles look?

Four Pure Brewery

The Best Small Batch Beer

Fourpure is a London based brewery, made up of founding brothers Dan & Tom.

They are super passionate about beer and brewing, so we super geeked out on their mid-afternoon stall banter.

Their aim is to put out the best possible beer every time they brew, which has cost them time and money in focusing in on the detail and quality control process. They are inspired by their travels and this is where the eclectic range of beers stem from.

Karaway Bakery 

European Family Bakers of 120 Years

Karaway Bakery were our Canopy Market stall buddies (funnily we were squeezed between two baked good stalls, you can see why my choices were heavily influenced by baked goods now!) Old school London bakers with roots in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, between the family they have over 120 years of baking experience. That is hardcore knowledge.

Their bread selection is just mesmerising, like works of art, made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no additives and taking sometimes 10 times the length of time to make, you can really see the European influences packed into every piece.

Can't wait now till the next Canopy Market!
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