Here is a great product locally produced that gives you the added benefits from live bacteria and vitamins. It has a unique flavour and refreshing bite and best of all its good for you!

Jason, Fitness Industry Professional

It's not like anything I've had before, but it's an acquired taste which grew on me the more I drank! I feel a little more energised after drinking it for a couple weeks too

David, Business Owner

Having tested the pomegranate I can vouch that it's got a refreshing zing, and it's virtually sugar free. You must try it!

Diane, Farmers Market Organiser

I've been lucky enough to be drinking this Kombucha for the last 6 months. Improvement in digestion and general wellbeing has been tremendous. I have tried many live bacteria drinks and yogurts that are available from major supermarkets and found this to be a far superior product.

Initially I was concerned about the "jelly bit" .  Once I'd actually drank it realised you can't taste or notice the slight difference in texture.

I always have mine first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else. It's a great way to start the day, especially when my husband brings it up to me in bed!! I can't give any clinical evidence about the feeling that kumbaca gives me but I know I feel better with it in my daily diet than without it


Kombucha is the most fascinating liquid I have had the good fortune to come across. It taste like fresh mountain air on a hot summers day. Some say it was first brewed by elves in the Himalayas, others by samurai warriors before heading into battle. Just yesterday I was having sex and couldn’t resist the urge, I stopped during and went to go have a tasty sip of the sweet sweet bucha. If I were on death row, my final dinner would be all 5 flavour Kombuchas, no word of a lie. All in all, its a DAMN good drink.